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PHP Application Server is the software intended for simplification of the development of web-applications and web-sites. The Main purpose of given project - create the environment of web-development in which user will do not need the special knowledges of the designing and programming of web-applications. The User will be able create their own sites, using simple web-interface, already ready modules and applications (like Forum, YellowPages, News, etc.)

Documentation / How to use

Documentation at the current moment not available. The Whole necessary information you may read in comments from source code.

We can't show you example of working web-site, because given software is in stage of the development.


You can download PHP Application Server from our Project Page at
Latest version: 0.0.14

PHPAppl can be downloaded by the CVS of SourceForge:

cvs login

No Password, just enter

cvs -z3 co phpappl


We need in your ideas, knowledge, help. At this time we need

  • PHP developers
  • Usability and Web-Interface development specialists
  • and others who want to help us...
All questions regarding this project you can sent to our project coordinator
Dzmitry A. Haiduchonak

Our mail-lists:

And an IRC channel #phpappl at Freenode server.


Project coordinator
Dzmitry A. Haiduchonak

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